Rewarding Moments: Marc Bayram

Each week, we feature a Rewarding Moment from our members. We love doing what we do and your stories help us get through! Tell us your Upromise story and fill out this form to enter for next week! Visit:

Every winner gets $10 in their Upromise accounts and we feature their story on our social media platforms like, Facebook and Instagram. We’d like to congratulate Marc Bayram for winning this week’s Rewarding Moments!

Marc has been a member since 2002 and and his favorite stores to shop through Upromise is Walmart and Home Depot.

Marc has been able to save and apply over $2,300 into his children’s 529 plan!

Here’s what Marc says about Upromise:

“We were able to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday late last year. Limited indoor dining has reopened and we wanted to have a special time. With a very small group of family, we wined and dined while she enjoyed seeing everyone! Covid has been very tough for everyone so this was a moment we will cherish. It was a wonderful time and the rewarding moment was my Upromise credit card was used which earned dining rewards. It was a win-win for everyone as I was able to save more money for my children’s college and save a little from the bill!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Marc! We hope that we can continue to create Rewarding Moments for you and your family. Thank you for being a long term, dedicated member!

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