Old Navy Secret Markdown Days & More: 20 Ways to Score Old Navy Deals

All the Best Old Navy Savings Tips

Old Navy is known for having awfully nice clothes for the entire family. Everyone can get the best trendy looks at unbeatable prices. Or are they? It seems like Old Navy is always having sales and Old Navy always has clearance sections. It always feels like a good deal, but not all good deals are equal. 

We wrote the post to share with you ways to get the most brilliant, amazing prices at Old Navy. You’ll never be left wondering: Is that Old Navy sales price an actual bargain, or the same sales price it always sits at? 

01 | Sign up for text alerts and to get an Old Navy $5 off coupon.

Old Navy is the king of all bargain retail chains. Sign up for Old Navy’s text messages and you’ll get a coupon for $5 off Old Navy on your next order. Get deals like it’s your birthday every day (or many days) of the year, and exclusive access to Old Navy coupons and free shipping deals.

02 | Earn cash back on your Old Navy purchase with Upromise. 

Old Navy and Upromise are besties. Sort of. They totally team up to save you more money. Shop OldNavy through Upromise and you can earn cash back rebates from 2% to 15%. Cash back amounts vary throughout the year, so check out the Old Navy coupon page regularly.

In addition to Old Navy promo codes and coupons, you’ll find updates on sales and Old Navy cash promotions. You can even find get preview for some of the biggest sales events like the Old Navy Black Friday sale.

03 | Sign up for Swagbucks to get a free $10 gift card on your next purchase of $25+ from OldNavy.com  

So now that you’ve found comfort in clothing that isn’t one size too small or two seasons out of date (no judging), and you’re getting cash back deals for these modern looks, grab that free gift card.

Get a free $10 gift card when you spend $25 or more at Old Navy.com. To qualify, sign up for Swagbucks as a new member and make your first purchase of $25+. 

When you make your first purchase of $25+, make sure to use an Old Navy promo code so you’re getting the best possible deal!

04 | Sign up for Old Navy emails and get a 20% off coupon code.

Save your precious eyeballs from crawling all over the website to look for coupon codes. Old Navy is doing the dirty work for you, emailing you the best coupon deals – including exclusive ones you won’t find on OldNavy.com. Sign up for Old Navy emails and get a 20% off coupon.

05 | Stack up to 3 coupons at a time on OldNavy.com.

You can use up to 3 coupons at a time on OldNavy.com. Because Old Navy makes real clothes for real people, and real people use coupons. 

And if you have a credit card with cash back rebates, it’s like layering on an additional coupon code too. For Upromise members, this is especially great if you have a credit card that gives you cash back that links to your 529 college savings plan.

06 | Shoot for at least 50% off your Old Navy Purchase for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are a hot time to save money at Old Navy.

You should be able to save at least 50% off your entire purchase and find some great deals on doorbusters and webbusters, too. Will you’re at it, make sure to get something nice for yourself, too.

While Old Navy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have yet to be announced for this year, based on last year’s deals there should be some solid finds starting at $5.

07 | Shop on OldNavy.com because sale prices and coupons are better.

Open the “My Offers” tab at the bottom of Old Navy’s homepage to see the available deals.

OldNavy.com offers great deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories that are better than what you’ll find in an Old Navy store. 

You’ll find more coupons on the Old Navy website than at your local Old Navy store.

Repeating input: The Old Navy website has more coupons than an Old Navy store. 

When you’re in an Old Navy store, they’ve got you on the spot. There aren’t other competitors competing for your dollar with just the tap of your phone screen. Old Navy has more coupon codes online to compete with every other retail website on the planet. 

There are some store coupons for Old Navy, but they’re much fewer. 

08 | Hold onto the packaging from your OldNavy.com order. 

Make sure you don’t throw away your Old Navy polymailer (packaging) in case you need to make a return. I learned that the hard way a couple months ago. It’s tucked away under the address label, but just keep the whole Old Navy bag so you don’t lose the slip. 

If you do lose the packaging, they may be able to look up your Old Navy purchase by credit card or email address. Or they might just issue you an Old Navy merchandise credit for the current store value of your merchandise.

09 | Watch out for one-day deals in store and at OldNavy.com.

Watch for today only deals online and in store. Old Navy in-store today deals can be more generous, so keep your eye on your local Old Navy store. Items can sell out quickly, so you have to act fast.

It’s a good way to stock up on staples for around 50% off. 

10 | Earn Old Navy Super Cash on the pre-coupon price of your purchase. 

Old Navy Super Cash promotions are a great time to stock up.

Old Navy Super Cash is an exciting incentive for customers. During promotional periods, earn $10 SUPER CASH per every set dollar amount you spend online or in-store. Then redeem it later (set redemption period) for your Old Navy favorites. 

The amount of spend required to earn different tiers of Super Cash can vary. But it is worth noting that you earn Super Cash based on the pre-sale amount of your purchases. So if your $100 purchase is on sale for $60, you’ll earn rewards as if you had spent $100. 

11 | Ask your local Old Navy team member if they match OldNavy.com prices.

OldNavy.com often has lower prices, due to webbusters and a gazillion online promo codes. But you can ask a local store employee to price match any better deal you find on Old Navy’s website.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it never hurts, and often pays, to just ask. 

12 | Old Navy store markdowns happen on Mondays. 

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Old Navy markdowns usually happen on Sundays. These women’s jeans are $5.97 a piece even though signage was labeled $5.99.

Sort of. On Sundays Old Navy stores will begin their apparel markdowns. Depending on how busy the store is and how much merchandise there is to clear out, it could take until Monday or Tuesday for all clearance items to get stickered. 

Clearance prices usually end  in .47, .49, or .97. These items are usually discontinued and the price is not going to drop lower.  You’ll likely never find the uber-popular Rockstar jeans on clearance – unless it’s a seasonal color. 

Occasionally, Old Navy does have sales where you can get an additional discount on clearance merchandise but those are infrequent. If you like an item that’s been discontinued, that’s a good time to carpe denim. 

13 | Mid-season and end-of-season are the best to score clearance deals.

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Mid-July, there are racks of T-shirts, shorts, and dresses on clearance from $2.99.

You don’t have to wait until mid-March to look for a great deal on a winter coat. Retailers start planning for spring after Christmas ends. And before Halloween rolls in, Old Navy and other retailers will be setting up for Christmas. Retailers plan months in advance for the seasons ahead. 

In fact, last June (when many states still had school in session), Old Navy stores were unloading their first shipments of fall clothing. 

As a rule of thumb, start looking for seasonal clearance deals 4-6 weeks into the season. 

14 | Place your online order in-store to always get free shipping from OldNavy.com. 

If you order Old Navy online, you need to hit $50 to reach the free shipping minimum. But if you place an OldNavy.com from an

If you order Old Navy online, you need to spend $50 minimum to get free shipping on orders. But if you place an OldNavy.com from an Old Navy store, you can get free shipping for any order of any dollar amount. 

15 | Save up to 5% on Old Navy gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus. 

Buy discounted gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus and you can save an extra 5% off your Old Navy purchase – even on top of cash back rebates and coupon codes.That’s because MyGiftCardsPlus is a gift card resale site. They will purchase and resell people’s unwanted gift cards. The unlucky gift card recipient makes some cash, you get a discounted gift card, and MyGiftCardsPlus makes a cut. It’s a win-win-win. 

16 | Stock up on jeans and flip flops at Old Navy. 

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In mid-July, I found these Old Navy flip-flops for $0.99.

So this is perhaps my personal bias, but I think Old Navy is the best place to stock up on loads of jeans and flip flops. 

Flip flops are great to buy in mid-summer or mid-winter when they are on clearance for $0.97 or less.

And as any savvy shopper knows: when your favorite Old Navy denim is at least 50% off it’s time to stock up. I’ll buy jeans for the entire family, too.

17 | Join a BST Group for a Steady Stream of Free Super Cash. 

Join a Facebook Buy Sell Trade clothing group, and you’ll be kept in style with a steady stream of Free Super Cash. In a local clothing resale group I belong to, I frequently see people posting that they have free Old Navy Super Cash that they don’t need and ask if anyone wants it.

You can also do an ISO (In Search Of) Free Super Cash. 

18 | Check back on OldNavy.com prices after you make your purchase. 

You have a 14-day window to ask for a price adjustment. This may sound like a pain in the neck, but how much time are you wasting online already? It takes you seconds to see that a previous item you purchased is now $8 cheaper, and it probably takes all of 5 minutes to get it adjusted over live chat. $8 in 5 minutes is like $96 an hour (which works out to an annual salary of $199,600 a year). If you make less than $200K, it’s probably worth your time to ask for the price difference. 

19 | Cash in on your Old Navy clothes when you resell them online. 

On Mercari you can find thousands of pairs of used Old Navy jeans.

You can sell your old Old Navy clothes on resale marketplaces like Poshmark or Mercari, or even on Facebook resale or BST groups.

While some Old Navy garments don’t have much resale value, some Old Navy jeans can be resold for 30% to 50% of what you purchased them for brand new.

20 | Don’t buy “new arrivals” – wait until they go on sale. 

A little patience goes a long way. New arrivals are full-priced and almost always exempt from promo codes. Wait it out — at least 4 to 8 weeks. Everything at Old Navy will eventually go on sale at some point for at least 30% to 40% off. Up to 50% (or more) if you wait for the big shopping holidays like Black Friday. 

Final Thoughts on Old Navy Coupons and Savings 

You’re one step closer to becoming the ultimate Old Navy savings beast. You’re already saving loads of cash by shopping at budget-friendly Old Navy, but with these extra tips you’re going to crush it.

If you’re really a heavy spender at Old Navy, then it may make sense to get an Old Navy credit card to get even more stellar perks.

And if you’re into finding trendy clothes on a budget, there are plenty more great brands to explore. SHEIN has kids clothes of decent quality and you can score sales prices and cash back from hundreds of Upromise featured stores like Vineyard Vines, Rockets of Awesome, Carter’s, and Macy’s.

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