Earn Cash Back from Upromise

The app world is full of great apps to make extra money for free, and this includes Upromise. Before you blink and yawn, Upromise is actually different. Unlike earning an extra $20 gift card to Amazon here and there, Upromise is an app that helps you save for college. Effortlessly. Earn rewards that automatically go to your kids’ college savings. Your rewards aren’t spent on Amazon or Apple. Your rewards are out of sight. Out of mind. And building towards your child’s future.

Let’s dive in on what Upromise is and how you earn.

What is Upromise?

Upromise is a college savings plan that allows parents, grandparents, and other friends and family to save for your child’s future expenses by earning cash rewards for their everyday activities. You can earn cash back for your everyday purchases online, booking travel, dining out, trying new products and services, and more. Additional cash back can be earned when you use co-branded Upromise Mastercard Rewards credit card.

Rewards that you earn using the Upromise program go directly to your child’s college savings. Every month, money earned using Upromise is automatically transferred to your child’s eligible college savings plan. (Any state-sponsored 529 plan is eligible.)

The 529 plan must be linked to Upromise, but the process takes a couple minutes online to set up. Then you’re all set to make your normal purchase and earn cash back rewards. These earnings can help minimize or eliminate the need for student loans when the time comes.

How Do I Get Cashback from Upromise?

There are several ways to get cashback from Upromise. To begin, you must have an account. Open a Upromise account is free and easy and takes less than a minute.

New members will get a $5.29 bonus at signup. If you also link an existing 529 plan, you will get an added bonus of $25. If you don’t have a 529 college savings plan, many plans are free to enroll in. Taking a few minutes to do so means you can get $30.29 free for your child’s college.

Then, use the Upromise rewards site to earn. You can get cash back shopping rebates (over 10,000 merchants in the Upromise shopping portal) and cash back for dining out at participating restaurants.

Rewards from eligible purchases will show as “pending rewards” in your account after you visit the purchase. Once the merchant or partner gives Upromise the go-ahead, the funds will then get credited to your account and be reflected in your new balance.

You can also earn cash rewards when you take surveys, use coupons, try new products and services, play games, and complete other online tasks.

Once a month, the funds get automatically transferred to the linked 529 plan account or eligible college savings plan that you’ve linked to your Upromise account.

How Do I Transfer Upromise Earnings to My Bank Account?

If your account is linked to your Upromise account, you do not need to do anything to have your cash back rewards transferred. During the first week of each month, your balance will automatically be transferred to your linked account. There is no balance transfer fee.

If you have not yet linked your account on Upromise, here’s how to do it.

  • Go to your Upromise account and click on “Add new account”.
  • Choose the type of account that you are adding at that time from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter all of the requested information including checking account number, bank routing number, bank name, etc. Be sure that this information is correct and up to date.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after you have linked your account.
  • Your first transfer will be made during the first week of the month if you have met the minimum transfer amount. This amount is determined by the type of accounts that you have linked to your Upromise account.

Most transfers will be completed within 7 days. Some transfers may take 45 days to complete.

If for any reason the transfer fails, the account will be frozen or deactivated and an email will be sent out to alert you to a possible issue. Once the problem has been resolved, the account can be reactivated.

Where is My Upromise money?

You can review your current college savings or available earned rewards by going to the Rewards page in your Upromise account.

Or just click on your photo or icon in your profile settings. Your total lifetime earnings will be displayed, asl as your current total balance.

Remember, transfers are made in the first week of the month and can take as long as 45 days to be completed.

What Happened to Publix Upromise?

Publix discontinued its partnership with Upromise in December 2015. Information about the change and how it would impact savings programs and customers was added to the Publix website just before the change took place.

Can I Request a Check from Upromise?

No, you can no longer request a paper check from Upromise. In order to more efficiently process payments, Upromise pivoted away from issuing paper checks by mail.

Previously, a paper check was allowed but only when requested in writing. And checks were issued infrequently.

Currently, all balance transfers are made automatically once a month. It is a safer and quicker method fo Upromise members.

How Do You Contact Upromise?

You can use the customer chat option found on the Upromise Help Page.

Final Thoughts On Upromise and College Savings

We all know college costs are skyrocketing Currently, in the US, student loan debt and medical expenses are the 2 leading causes of bankruptcies. Anything that you can do to help save for college including using a 529 savings account that is enhanced with a rewards program is going to be beneficial.

The Upromise program account is free to join, easy to link your college savings plan.

If you do any online shopping or eat out, purchases, you can help pay for your child’s future education. It’s free and easy. Using Upromise to save for college is a total no-brainer.

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