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Earn Cash Back

  I've made a recent purchase through Upromise—when will I see my cash back?

Your cash back will appear in your account first as a pending transaction and then as a funded transaction. Timelines for receiving cash back differ for Online Shopping (generally within 30 days), Grocery and Drug Stores (generally within 30-60 days), and Restaurants (generally within 10-14 Days). Review our cash back schedule for more details.

  Do I get charged higher prices from Upromise partners in order to get the cash back?

No. The prices are the same for everyone; they’re not marked up for Upromise members. Plus, Upromise members can get exclusive special offers and free shipping deals that non-members don’t.

  Why do I have to log in to Upromise and start my online shopping there to earn cash back?

We have agreements with our online partners that they’ll give a percentage of online purchases from Upromise members back to them as cash back for college. It’s their way of thanking you for shopping with them. They also believe in the power of education and want to help save for college.

We track your purchases with our partners primarily through your Upromise login information. Our online partners see that you started at Upromise.com so they know to reward you with the cash back college earnings on your purchase.

  Can I still earn cash back for college with Upromise if I don't want to register my credit card?

Yes. If you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to register one, there are several other ways to earn cash back with Upromise. For instance, you can shop online through Upromise.com and earn cash back with our partners or register your grocery and drug store loyalty cards to earn cash back through our eCoupon program.

However, registering your credit cards gives you access to great offers from our in-store retail partners, plus you can earn cash back from our 10,000+ participating restaurant locations. And we've taken many steps to secure and safeguard your credit card information.

  How does Upromise know I've purchased something from a Upromise partner?

We know you've purchased something from a partner in one of the following ways:

  • Through data from your registered credit or debit card
  • Through a link on the Upromise website or from a Upromise email


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