Upromise Helps You Save for All Your Life Goals

Millions of parents, grandparents, and other individuals use Upromise everyday to save for their children’s college education.

They know Upromise as a free rewards program that helps you earn money for college tuition.

  • Shop online, earn cash back rebates.
  • Dine out, earn cash back rebates.
  • Scan receipts, earn cash.
  • Take surveys, earn cash.

All those cash rewards go directly to your child’s college savings fund.

No check in the mail to deposit. No phone calls and forms to fill out. No willpower required. The funds get automatically transferred to your child’s college savings plan. (It does take 3-5 minutes to link their college savings plan after you open your Upromise account, but after that it’s automatic. Funds get transferred once a month.)

The genius of Upromise is how automatic everything is. You can save for college without having to change any habits.

And you can use Upromise to save for other life goals too. It’s not just for college.

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Saving with Upromise: Life Goals Made Easier

Upromise makes it easy for you to save money for a number of other life goals. Make money for infertility treatments, a car down payment, wedding, honeymoon, dream vacation, or just a rainy day fund. Whatever your life goal, Upromise can help you earn money for it.

  • Adoption
  • Fertility / infertility treatments
  • Disney World / vacations
  • Weddings / Honeymoon
  • Braces / Invisalign
  • Rainy Day Fund
  • Charity / Fundraiser
  • New vehicle / auto loan down payment
  • New home / mortgage down payment
  • Home renovations
  • Student loan debt

How Do I Earn Money with Upromise?

Upromise offers you a number of ways to earn money.

  • Earn cash for your everyday purchases with Upromise online shopping rewards. There are thousands of eligible stores. Visit the Upromise shopping portal, or install the free extension for your browser and you can earn cash back for your online purchase with the click of a button. It’s press-button easy.
  • Scan your receipts. You can earn money for your pharmacy and supermarket purchases. Earn money just for scanning the receipt itself, and you can earn money for purchasing featured items or items from a certain category. It’s like coupons, but instead of saving money at the register you’re ‘earning’ that savings back in the form of a cash reward.
  • Dine out. There are thousands of participating restaurants nationwide, from local eateries to national chains. Earn 1% to 10% cash back or more off your total restaurant tab.
  • Discover new products and services. In the Offers portal, you can find hundreds of new apps, games, products, and services. Earn cash rewards for trying new apps. Generous cash back rebates for trying new meal kits of subscription services. Get paid cash for installing new apps, playing games, or doing small micro-tasks like subscribing to eNewsletters.
  • Surveys and daily polls. Cash in on your opinions. Answer consumer surveys on all kinds of topics, from diaper brands to dog food to retirement planning. Surveys vary in length from a few minutes to an hour, and can pay a few cents to $10 or more.

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How Do I Get the Money? How Does It Get to My Savings Account?

The funds you earn on Upromise automatically get transferred to your bank account. It takes a few minutes to link your account when you sign up for Upromise. (And it only takes 30 seconds to create your free Upromise account.)

  1. Link your savings account.
  2. Complete Upromise activities to earn rewards.
  3. The funds automatically get transferred to your bank account.

It’s all automated. Out of sight, out of mind. No planning or willpower needed. Successful savers often set up a new bank account, not linked to their checking. This removes all temptation of spending any of their Upromise earnings.

Tip: There are many fintech and banking apps that will pay you a generous cash reward for opening up a new account with them. You could claim a cash reward of $25 to $100 or more for opening the new account that you choose to link to Upromise.

Funds get transferred to the designated bank account during the first week of each month, as long as the minimum account balance is at least $10.

How Much Can I Really Earn with Upromise Rewards?

The average user can reasonably earn $500 to $2,500 a year with Upromise.

With minimal effort, I earned $1,600 last year with Upromise. I earned that amount just through cash back shopping online.

I’ve used other cash back shopping apps before — through my credit card (5% cash back for specific retailers or store categories) and Rakuten (eBates) and Honey. I still do use those other shopping apps. I just compare. I go with whichever one is offering me the best cash back amount. If Upromise offers the most, I go with the Upromise deal. And if it’s a tie, I’ll go with Upromise. About 85% of the time, Upromise is the best deal or tied for the best deal.

I prefer Upromise because the rewards build as I save towards major life goals.

With Rakuten, I would get $20 here or $50 there. And I would just end up spending the money. But with Upromise, the funds go straight to my savings plan account. I like watching the funds grow.

How Much Can You Earn This Year?

If you are a major online shopper (shopping for home and garden goods, apparel, and other items online), you could earn $500 – $1,000 a year quite easily. That’s free money. You’re just claiming the cash back rewards for shopping you’re already doing.

Then, layer in other earning tasks available. For example, if you earned just $5.48 a day from surveys and clicking on sponsored content (reading promotional articles), that’s $2,000 a year.

You can earn money from Upromise on its website or the app. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can earn on the go — in the carpool lane, on your bus commute, at the playground, or while watching TV.

Some Upromise users use Upromise every night while watching videos or TV shows.

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Can My Friends Help Me Earn Money on Upromise?

Yes, they absolutely can! With GoFundMe campaigns, you’re asking friends and family to donate.

With Upromise, your friends and family can complete their everyday online activities and earn rewards for you.

Say you’re trying to save $20,000 for IVF or for a house down payment. Your friends and family can pool together their Upromise earnings. They can help you reach your goal by using Upromise when they shop online, or when they dine out or they complete surveys.

When a friend or family member sets up an account, they can designate your bank account for their funds to automatically go into each month.

In 1 year of savings, here’s what those rewards could look like:

  • $4,000 – from you making all your online purchases using Upromise ($1,500), from Upromise offers and dining out ($500), from Upromise grocery receipt rewards ($120), from Upromise surveys ($1,880)
  • $500 – from a cousin using Upromise cash back rewards
  • $300 – from an aunt using Upromise dining out rewards
  • $3,000 – from your parents-in-law taking Upromise surveys
  • $4,500 – from your parents using Upromise for cash back shopping, booking travel, and taking Upromise surveys
  • $2,000 – from your sister using Upromise cash back, dining out, and surveys
  • $1,000 – from your brother using Upromise cash back, dining out, and surveys
  • $4,700 – from your group of friends using Upromise for cash back, booking travel, dining out, and surveys

Can I Save for More Than One Goal? Can I Link Multiple Bank Accounts?

Yes and yes. You can link more than one bank account or savings account to your Upromise account.

For example, you could have 3 savings goals: Disney vacation, braces, and your child’s college savings plan. You could link 1 savings account Disney, 1 savings account for braces, and 1 savings account for your child’s 529 or eligible college savings plan.

But you would need to meet the minimum balance threshold for each account each month for the funds to get transferred. (If the balance is not met, the funds roll over into your Upromise balance for the following month.)

Is Upromise Free?

Yes, Upromise is free to join. There’s no annual fee or cost associated with your Upromise account. Just sign up at Upromise.com, or you can download the app in Google Play or iTunes.

How Does Upromise Make Money?

Upromise makes its money from advertisers, retail partners, and market research partners.

When you complete a survey, the market research company pays Upromise. Upromise shares a portion of the money with you.

When you shop online at a featured store, the store pays Upromise a commission. Upromise shares a portion with you. It’s the same approach for dining out, booking travel, grocery shopping, and trying new games, new apps, and other new products and services.

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