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What is Upromise?

A simple way to help families save for college

At Upromise, we believe everyone should have a chance to go to college and pursue their dreams. Since 2001, we’ve helped millions of members earn over $1,000,000,000 in cash back for college.

Upromise Products and Services



At Upromise, we know that just as each family’s goals are unique, so are their approaches to saving and paying for college. That's why we provide a simple way for Upromise members to help fuel their college savings plans.

Upromise members can earn cash back for college on the things they’re doing and buying anyway, like shopping online, eating at restaurants, booking travel, and picking up groceries and drugstore items.

Then they can easily add their Upromise earnings to a college savings plan—like a Upromise GoalSaver Account or a 529 plan—and make regular contributions (as little as $25 a month can make a big difference). Or if they have existing eligible student loans, they can use their cash back earnings to help pay them down.

And members have easy access to information that can help them make decisions on money matters, college planning, and education.

Upromise History



From day one, Upromise has been about helping American families save and pay for college.

Michael Bronner is the founder of Upromise. While he was attending college, he came up with the idea of a coupon book for students that could be distributed for free through campus mailboxes. Local bars, restaurants, and businesses paid to be included, while students could benefit from the savings. His idea took off.

In 2000, Bronner, David Fialkow, and Jeff Bussgang launched Upromise with the mission of helping families save/earn money for college. In 2001, we introduced our partnerships with major retailers, local restaurants, and businesses willing to give Upromise members cash back for college in exchange for their business.

In 2006, we became a part of the Sallie Mae® family. Now our united mission is to help families earn cash back, save, plan, and pay for college.

Upromise Partners

hand shake

hand shake

Upromise partners are respected leaders in their industries and are committed to the mission of helping families save for college.

They’re willing to help Upromise members earn cash back for college for two reasons.

  • They believe in the power of education.
  • It's good business for them. Through Upromise, they develop relationships with our members who are motivated to buy from them.

Upromise Location



The Upromise office is next to the Charles River in Newton, Massachusetts, approximately 11 miles from downtown Boston.

85 Wells Avenue
Suite 110
Newton, MA 02459


Upromise Partners

850+ brands offer cash back for college to Upromise members

Members’ Voices

Hear from Upromise members


 Upromise GoalSaver Accounts are offered through Sallie Mae Bank, Member FDIC. Please note: cash back savings held in your Upromise Rewards Account are not FDIC insured, carry no bank guarantee and may lose value. Once rewards are swept into your Upromise GoalSaver Account, FDIC insurance is covered through Sallie Mae Bank up to the applicable limits. See FDIC website for insurance limits.