Upromise - learn about Upromise and saving for college

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Upromise Affiliate Program

Upromise is the free-to-join rewards program with a mission

We've helped millions members earn cash back for college for things they do everyday:

  • Shopping online
  • Dining
  • Traveling
  • Buying groceries, and more

Overview of program benefits

As a member of the Upromise Affiliate Program, you can earn a premium for your traffic. You'll help us share
our mission of helping to make saving for college more manageable while you make money for your company with benefits including:

  • Commission for each new activated member enrollment
  • Professional program management
  • Solid conversion rates with a proven brand

National name brands

Some of the hundreds of national retailers, grocery chains, and restaurants who have partnered with
Upromise to help families save for college: