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Join Upromise, and e-Rewards will pay you for your opinion.

e-Rewards thinks your opinions are valuable. They've partnered with Upromise® to pay you for taking online surveys.

These surveys are selected to match your interests, and you determine how many you want to take. You can earn $5, $20, $50 or more in college savings.

How you can earn for college with Upromise and e-Rewards.

As a Upromise member, you know how easy it is to earn cash rewards on your everyday spending. Earning money for college with e-Rewards is just as simple.

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    Join Upromise today for free

    Throughout the year, e-Rewards will invite Upromise members to join the e-Rewards opinion panel.
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    Join e-Rewards for free and respond to survey invitations

    You'll receive surveys on subjects relevant to you. You set the frequency for how often you hear from e-Rewards.
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    Earn money for college

    You earn e-Rewards Currency that can be converted to Upromise college savings whenever you choose.
    • $30 in e-Rewards Currency = $5 for college
    • $60 in e-Rewards Currency = $20 for college
    • $120 in e-Rewards Currency = $50 for college

Upromise members can convert their e-Rewards Currency to Upromise college savings as often as they want to in accordance with the conversion rate with no quarterly limits.

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Join Upromise today for free

Join Upromise today for free.

Upromise is a free service with over 10 million members. When you buy groceries, fill your gas tank, go out to eat, book travel, shop online and more, you can get money back for college–from 1% to 25%.

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