How to save in CVS/Pharmacy stores:
Get college savings with every trip to CVS/Pharmacy. Redeem Upromise eCoupons — offers change monthly and are worth up to $30! Plus, get 3% back on purchases with great everyday brands. Simply join Upromise, register your CVS ExtraCare® Card and start saving for college every time you shop at CVS/Pharmacy.

How to save on
Get 3% back for college on everything you buy online from except prescriptions. Plus, take advantage of valuable eCoupon offers. Simply join Upromise free and register your CVS ExtraCare® Card with Upromise. Then on be sure to enter your CVS ExtraCare® Card number into your account to start getting money back for college every time you shop!


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When you join Upromise for free, many of America's leading companies will help you get money for college. You can earn college savings with your everyday spending — when you buy groceries, fill the gas tank, shop online, book travel, eat out, you name it. You'll automatically get a percentage of your purchases back as college savings.

Today, over 9 million Upromise members are getting money back for college on their everyday purchases — shouldn't you be one of them? Read below to find out where to get money for college and how to use it.

Where can you earn Upromise college savings?

  • 22,000+ grocery and drugstores nationwide, where you can redeem up to $30 each month in eCoupon offers. Plus, get 1 — 5% back on hundreds of great everyday items.
  • 600+ leading online retailers and travel partners. You can get 1 — 25% savings when you start your shopping at Upromise.
  • 40,000+ retail stores, Exxon/Mobil and service locations.
  • 9,000+ other participating restaurants, where you can get up to 8% savings.
  • And more!

Save and pay for college
You can choose to use the money in your Upromise account in many ways to help make college more affordable:

  • To help save for tuition, books and other college expenses
  • To help add funds to an eligible 529 college savings plan
  • To help pay down an eligible student loan

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