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More partners means more ways to earn money.

Thousands of your favorite stores and restaurants are waiting to help you earn money for college.

So far, our partners have helped Upromise members earn $850,000,000 and counting for college - simply for buying their products and using their services. It's easy to earn when you have America's favorite brands to choose from!

  1. Online Merchants

    850+ (or over 850) online stores

    including favorites like gap.com, Macys.com, BestBuy.com, Sears.com and more.
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  2. Restaurant Rewards

    10,000+ participating Upromise Dining restaurants

    everything from salad to sushi—whatever you're craving.
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  3. Grocery and Drug Store Rewards

    20,000+ grocery and drug stores

    including supermarkets nationwide, as well as local favorites.
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Dell, Avis, Expedia, Staples, Budget, Best Buy, Exxon Mobil, Disney Store, Sears, Macys.com, drugstore.com