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1 To earn cash back through Upromise Dining by Rewards Network, you must dine at a participating restaurant on a day and time when it offers rewards and pay for the meal with a credit or debit card that is registered in your Upromise account (Qualified Dine). Specific terms and conditions apply for each restaurant's cash back. Participating restaurants, blackout dates, limits on eligible visits and other terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. For complete program Terms and Conditions, guidelines and restrictions, and the latest benefit schedules, visit upromise.com/dining. Gift certificate and gift card purchases made through Upromise Dining by Rewards Network must be purchased at participating locations on days when benefits are being offered. Online purchases are not eligible for cash back.

The Upromise Dining Program offers Upromise members the opportunity to earn cash back based on their level of overall spending with the Upromise Dining program between January 1 and December 31 of a given year (Calendar Year). Specifically, Upromise members can earn the following: 2% cash back on Qualified Dine(s) totaling up to $124.99 in Calendar Year (Bronze Status); 4% cash back on Qualified Dine(s) totaling between $125.00 - $299.99 in a Calendar Year (Silver Status); 6% cash back on Qualified Dine(s) totaling between $300.00 - $499.99 in a Calendar Year (Gold Status); and 8% cash back on Qualified Dine(s) totaling $500.00 or more in a Calendar Year (Platinum Status). Members will begin each Calendar Year at the Bronze Status with a base 2% cash back on Qualified Dine(s). Any status level increase you achieve during the Calendar Year (as described above) will be reflected on subsequent Qualified Dine(s), not on the Qualified Dine that qualified you for the next status level. For example, if you've made $100 in Qualified Dine(s) for the Calendar Year and then make an additional $50 Qualified Dine the same Calendar Year, you will be entitled to a 2% cash back on the $50 Qualified Dine and 4% cash back on following Qualified Dine(s) for the remainder of the Calendar Year unless and until you reach the next status level. The Upromise Dining Program is subject to change at any time without notice.

Please note that if your Qualified Dine(s) spending is at the level necessary to qualify you for earnings at the Upromise Dining Program's Platinum Status, you will earn 8% cash back on that spending in addition to the 4% cash back you receive for using your Upromise MasterCard, for a total of 12% cash back when using your Upromise MasterCard. View the Upromise Credit Card Reward Program Rules for details.

2 The majority of $25 certificates are available for a $10 retail price. In some instances, prices may be higher. Limit of one (1) $25 certificate per visit to a restaurant. There may also be minimum spend requirements. Restrictions on the restaurant certificates vary and are subject to change along with the retail price of the certificate. This promotion does not apply to previously placed orders and cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. Redemption of this offer requires that you agree to all the terms and conditions found at www.restaurant.com. Registration, including valid email address, is required for purchase.