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Turn everyday activities into money for college.

Hundreds of companies help you earn
cash back for college with Upromise®

Upromise is free to join and can help you earn money for college bills and student loans from the things you do all the time: buy groceries, shop online, fill your gas tank and much more.

The money you get comes from our partners, including:

  • 850+ online stores such as BestBuy.com, Macys.com, Kohls.com, and Staples.com
  • 10,000+ participating Upromise Dining restaurants
  • 21,000+ grocery and drug stores
  • Other companies such as H&R Block, Travelocity.com and ExxonMobil

Here's How it Works

You can also earn money for college when you book travel; get insurance quotes; order take-out; subscribe to magazines; take a survey; buy, sell or refinance a home — and so much more. It's a great way to save for college or help pay down student loans.

Grow Your College Savings

One of the fastest ways to grow your Upromise earnings is to take advantage of the multiple programs we offer (dining, grocery, online shopping, etc.) and to make your everyday purchases from our partners (companies you already know and trust). The methods of earning vary depending upon the program. The chart below shows how your earnings through Upromise could add up:

Earnings Example*

Item/Partner Spend Reward Earnings
Subscription/Magazines.com $20 20% $4.00
GPS/Staples.com $250 5% $12.50
Bedding/Macys.com $70 5% $3.50
Jacket/L.L.Bean $90 5% $4.50
Drill/Lowes.com $120 5% $6.00
Airfare/Expedia.com $830 1% $8.30
Flowers/ProFlowers $40 10% $4.00
Dinner out/network restaurant** $80 up to 8% $6.40
Upromise Earnings $49.20

*For illustrative purposes only. Actual savings depends on your eligible spending. Example assumes purchases made in accordance with partner contribution requirements.

** The up to 8% cash back at Upromise Dining restaurants is offered by the Upromise Dining Program administered by Rewards Network and can be earned when you make a qualified dine at a participating restaurant in the Upromise Dining Program in accordance with the Upromise Dining Program Terms and Conditions and restaurant restrictions, if applicable. The Upromise Dining Program offers Upromise members 2%, 4%, 6% or 8% cash back on qualified dine(s) with the Upromise Dining Program. The actual percentage amount will vary and is based upon your level of overall spending with the Upromise Dining Program during the year. For more information, visit www.upromise.com/dining.

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