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The countdown to college is on. Relax, you've still got time to save.

Join the millions of families who can earn cash back for college.

As a parent, you want to support your kids in every way, including financial support for college. Join Upromise® to earn college savings by shopping online, eating out, and much more. It's easy to join and even easier to use. Join free.

What makes Upromise unique from other rewards programs?

  • You earn cash, not points
  • Upromise partners with thousands of companies to offer cash back for college on eligible purchases when you shop online, dine out, book travel, and more
  • You can redeem your earnings in many ways for greater savings
  • It's free to join
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  • Invest in a high-yield savings account or tax-deferred 529 plan
  • Pay down a college loan
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